30 Essential Ideas about ADHD - Dr. Russell A Barkley

Original Title used by CADDAC
The 30 Essential Ideas Every Parent Needs to Know (about ADHD) , by Dr. Russell Barkley

This is a video presentation that Dr. Barkley presented at CADDAC in 2009 [Original Video Link].  CADDAC stands for Centre for ADHD Canada.  More info about the video and the presentation as a whole below the video links.

Note this long video (2 hours 51 minutes 44 seconds) was broken up by me into 27 manageable parts with an average length of 6 to 7 minutes to make it far easier to watch and keep track of where you are.  To take a saying from Barkley later Small Chunks, Frequent Breaks.

In my opinion this is Barkley's Magnum Opus, his best work and it should be the part everyone who wants to learn more about ADHD from this expert should start with.

30 Essential Ideas Playlist note there are other sources on Youtube that do not break this video into chapters [Link]

Questions and Answers

Unfortunately I have never found slides for this original presentation on the internet.  And by my count Barkley showed less than 30 slides on the original CADDAC video.  CADDAC main website is here [Main Website]  Understand that CADDAC in the presentation said they are going to edit the presentation and put it free on the internet.

This video besides being free on CADDAC website here [within their own video player which uses Flash] is also available for purchase here on DVD PDF Link where you fax this to CADDAC.  Please support CADDAC.

Note CADDAC has other good videos on their website.

Videos for [General ADHD Videos][Parents], [Educators], [Teens and Adults], [and Really Short Q&A Videos answering many ADHD questions].