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Every year since 2010 Lynn University (a private non-profit university in Florida) host an annual conference called Transitions.  At this all day long conference, several expert lecture provide information on how to help student with disabilities (such as ADHD as well as other learning disabilities) transition from high school to higher education.  The info at this conference is designed for multiple people, students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, special education teachers, etc.

Here is a link to the last 5 year of presentations.  Note each year there is roughly 20 presentations which you can view for free on the internet as well as download their slides.  I also provide the iTunes link since Lynn University also publish this info on iTunes so you can download the videos.

Note there is a problem with the 2013 year, the main page for that year is not working for some reason, that said all the videos and slides are still available on iTunes as well as the website.  So I just linked one of the videos for on the left side of that video you see links to all the individual lectures.
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